I would personally opt for air dried basswood or premium basswood from TreelineUSA.com for a more consistent whittling experience. Our Whittle Turtle is standing on three sheets of emery paper, extremely fine grit sandpaper made for metal polishing. Emery paper comes in grit sizes from to 400-grit and is an inexpensive substitute for sharpening stones. The long white ceramic stick is used for sharpening the inside edge of your round gouges. Shown in the photo is a beige Japanese water stone , and a set of profiled fine-grit, red Arkansas stones . In the center of the photo are one rough-grit and one fine-grit ceramic sharpening stones.

  • I personally have a preference to use air dried basswood as it it typically softer and easier to work with than the kiln dried variant that the majority of people sell.
  • If you are looking for a quality made, hand crafted whittling knife with a thinner handle to fit your child’s hand, Lee Ferguson Carving Knives are an excellent choice!
  • For professional whittling knives set that will make your fellow whittlers jealous, the BeaverCraft Set is what you need.
  • High quality carbon steel blades for accurate detailed cuts, plus soft wooden handles allow you to do the woodwork without feeling any hand fatigue.

You may have been told to always cut away from yourself and yes, this is generally a good rule. However, when whittling wood, several cuts require you to cut toward yourself. The rough cut is a hard pushing cut that takes off large chunks. The thumb-push uses the secondary hand’s thumb to guide the blade as you cut. The paring cuts, like if you’re paring apples, is a pulling cut that cuts toward you and your own thumb.

Tips For Whittling Wood

With only these 2 tools you can create an infinite number of excellent pieces of art that will find their place at your kitchen cupboard or at your friends’ shelf with the souvenirs. Spoon and bowl carving is considered to be one of the easiest wood carving techniques for a beginner. BeaverCraft S01 is the best wood carving set that is very well made out of quality materials and sharpened for you to start carving right away.

whittling kit

Just start off with some basics that you wouldn’t feel bad about them damaging or neglecting. You can turn cylinders into totem poles, tiki carvings, or simplified people. You yourself will have to be creative in what the child has carved by trying to see if the carving can easily represent something. They may have just wanted to make a cool shape and you will need to see if you can identify a shape, much like seeing animals or shapes in the clouds. Most kids may start off wanting to whittle the pattern or design you are showing them, but may eventually just do their own thing.

Flexcut knives come properly honed right out of the packaging and are ready to use right away. The only issue you may find is that the handle may be a little too big for the younger https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/7-best-wood-carving-kits/ whittlers but you can modify them a little if needed. We analyzed a total of 173 reviews for this product out of which, 44 reviews were received in the last 6 months.

Pairing Cut – One of the great things about a pairing cut is that it enables you to have more control of the knife than other types of cut. By using the thumb of your knife hand to steady the piece of wood and then pulling the blade towards you, you should be able to control the speed and cut with ease. Be careful of slipping, though, as you don’t want the blade to meet your thumb too quickly. Hook Knife – Also known as a kuksa knife, a hook knife is an essential piece of equipment for any spoon, bowl or curved edge carving.

What Do You Carve Wood With?

However, most slice resistant gloves don’t come in child size but there are other options available. Quality steel bladed bench knife can be purchased, starting around $25 to $40 USD. This is a lifetime of carving investment and well worth the price. A basic relief carving or whittling tool set contains far more than just your carving tools and knives. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the common supplies you may use in your carving craft.

At the bottom of the photo is a leather strop and two honing compounds. The strop removes the burr edge left of the knife after stone sharpening. The compounds are used of the raw leather side of the strop and come in a variety of fine https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/ grits, with each grit a different color. The sharpening stones that you use for your garden tools are not suitable for your fine steel carving knives. They are far too coarse and will leave deep scratches along the cutting edges.

whittling kit

Plus, unlike specialty knives, pocket knives can be found almost anywhere. Pocket knives with several different blades can give you variety in your cuts.Check out some of visit here our editors’ favorite pocket tools. A glove, thumb guard, carving knife of choice, small leather strop with compound, a couple v-tools , and some wood for your projects.

I have a cape forge travel set with four blades and a v tool and gouge. All the pieces interchange in the handle with the included hex key and when rolled up it is smaller than a hot dog bun. I have a flexcut set of gouges that are about the same size rolled with eleven different gouges. After reading my response, I realized that the beginner carving kits from Little Shavers that I got a couple years ago is already compact in a nice little wood box. It would be perfect for your needs in the saddlebag and you could add a 1mm v-tool and be ready to go with some wood. You can start carving with a pocket knife but it’s not recommended though.

Whittling Kit