From the smallest to the largest request, ELITE TRANSLATION takes pride in providing you with outstanding services and exceeding your expectations whenever possible.

The strong reputation we have built increases the number of requests considerably, and so, possibilities in our services offered. While they were initially available in English and Khmer only, we now cover a multitude of languages. All that at a very attractive price-quality ratio on both local and international markets.


ELITE TRANSLATION follows a 5-step translation process: translating, crosschecking, consulting unclear points with clients, proofreading/spell checking and completing. We manage all types of documents, from simple administrative papers to technical business contracts which include, but not limited to:

• Legal Documents/Medical Records/Reports
• Agreements/Leases/Contracts/Policies
• ID Cards/Police clearance/Diplomas
• Birth/Death/Marriage Certificates, etc.

We have successfully provided translation services in many languages and now cover about 20 Asian and European languages. Contact Us


Transcription is commonly considered difficult. Our transcribers are experienced at comprehending difficult wording and work efficiently. Our service is well regarded for its accuracy, meeting deadlines and reaching satisfied outcomes. We have transcribed quite a number of audios and videos as follows:

• Interviews
• Focus Group Discussions
• Documentaries
• Promotional Videos, etc.

Our clients have been satisfied and trusted our transcription services. Let our experienced team assist you. Contact Us


ELITE TRANSLATION provides the most affordable consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services as well as other related forms of interpreting to suit your requirements, either personal or professional. Our interpreters are trained to interpret at a variety of events, such as:

• Meetings/Seminars/Conferences
• Community Visits
• Field Trips
• Professional Training
• Court Trials/Hearings
• Medical Appointments, etc.

Our staff are experienced, skillful and professional. Our interpreters guarantee the most satisfied service. Their spoken command of English is exceptionally outstanding with clear and concise pronunciation. Contact Us


ELITE TRANSLATION offers high quality content writing services for your business blogs, websites and social media pages. Our service also includes writing resumes (CV), cover letters, rental agreements and leases.

We’ve had a high success rate for many years, and have received much praise from our valued customers. Our service provides content writing that focuses on accurate grammar, SEO friendly, clear understanding, and efficiency.

This allows your clients or visitors to your website, easy understanding of the content you wish to provide. Our services will increase clientele to your business. Contact Us


Our proofreading services ensure high quality of the translated content. Each task is assigned our respective language experts, who examine and correct any grammar, spelling, contextual, and punctuation errors from the text. Your preferred dialect, or specific subject matter, is taken into account and proofread accordingly.

As well as different foreign languages, we also offer proofreading services for Khmer articles. Our staff have exceptional understanding of Khmer language in its whole.

Contact Us to let our team provide you with the best proofreading service for all your articles and contents.


It is strongly recommended to subtitle videos and thus, allow your international audience to understand their context.

Furthermore, subtitles are essential for all people with language difficulties and hearing impairments. Thus, providing subtitles allows you to gain reputation while reaching a larger number of people.

ELITE TRANSLATION provides a professional subtitling service performed by linguistic experts. We guarantee a fast and quality service. We have become the best reference in terms of reliability, accuracy and professionalism among all providers of Cambodia.

Our skilled IT team is ready to provide subtitled videos, in a range of high quality video formats, at your convenience.

Contact ELITE TRANSLATION and let us help you.

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With proven expertise in sound system management for both local and international conferences, we have always satisfied our clients who have shown their confidence in us in return. We rent high quality sound equipment and system including, but not limited to:

• Headphones
• Interpreting Booths
• Cameras LIVE HD
• LCD Projectors
• LED Screens
• PC and Mac
• Wireless/Standing Microphones, etc.

Our technical support team will be working alongside you to ensure the success of your event. Contact Us


Carefully selected for the quality of their eloquence and ability to adapt to the desired rythm and intonation, our audio experts are also all native speakers and ensure that you receive a deliverable that exceeds all your expectations.

Before any order confirmation, we systematically provide a concrete overview of the quality of our expert through a short registration test.

Furthermore, if this service requires to be notified some time in advance so that our freelance audio experts can organize their agenda, we always end up finding the best compromise with our valued clients to satisfy the service.

To cover a video, a handwritten document, a radio or television commercial, or an in-store annoucement, just Contact Us and send us your script.

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