Please see a sample of our work and special offers. Just have a look on the posts here after which show some of our carried-out actions. By the same token, our services are not limited to NGOs at all. We provide them to many other kinds of clients, even if that can be for a social purpose, too. In the case where they are not all illustrated, the content should be explicit enough to provide you with relevant insight. As can be seen, events are more or less formal. As friendly as an event may be, that can equally be done on a very professional way. In any case, we are pride of each service which is always an additional enrichment.

At the same time, find other useful notes on the left side. Surely, the one related to our special offer will catch your attention. This is how we think a mutual trustworthy relation with our valued clients. Because we exist thanks to you. Thus, let us tell you our gratitude again.


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Of course, no one could expect the pendemia. Because we feel very concerned by your business health, please let us help all of you to take up this crisis caused by the Covid-19. We are then pleased to offer special discounts as follows:

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Center of Khmer Studies
Consecutive interpretation

April 2019 was a busy month. This, for both translating and interpreting. Of course, we are glad about that. Thus, on April 29, we performed a new consecutive interpretation from French to English at Wat Damnak in Siem Reap. It was about history and art as topics.

While it was not planned at all, our linguist kindly agreed to translate from/to Khmer and English, too. Of course, that impressed the audience. She succeed while she suffered from a lack of documentation required to prepare the event. Not to mention the poor sound quality system which did not help, too.

Elite Translation Discover a sample of our work and special offers Center of Khmer Studies Consecutive Interpretation service


360 Events
Simultaneous interpretation

We provided a simultaneous interpretation on April 27, 2019. It was from English to Mandarin. Moreover, it was hold at 360 Events and organized at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra. Important to realize that the subject focused on high-techn, investment and finance. As can been seen, such technical fields. Whereas this challenge, our expert linguist dealt with great success.


Elite Translation Discover a sample of our work and special offers 360 Events Simultaneous Interpretation


Children's Future International
Consecutive interpretation

We were glad to assist Lisa, in March 2019, a nurse practitioner, and Chad, a paramedic. They specially need our help for a 2-day training session at Children's Future International. Of course, the attendees were CFI's team, some of their partner organizations and students. During it, everything related to drugs issues was covered. That is to say, from first aid to dealing with addiction.

Basically, this NGO provides over 250 marginalized children with cutting edge social work and educational support. Thus, they offer a future to children who grow to be the country’s next generation of leaders. Please have a look on Children's Future International.

Elite Translation Discover a sample of our work and special offers Children Future International Consecutive Interpretation service


This Life Cambodia - Simultaneous interpretation

On Tuesday March 19, 2019, This Life Cambodia hold an important meeting. On this occasion, our linguist performed a consecutive interpretation. For this purpose, attendees gathered agents from some partnered NGOs in the country.

Up to now, we have regularly been requested for simultaneous and consecutive interpretations. In other words, many clients trust us. And we have to confess that it is always a great experience to renew. Thus, you too are invited to try our services.

Elite Translation Discover a sample of our work and special offers This Life cambodia Simultaneous Interpretation service


Ministry of Economy and Finance
Simultaneous interpretation

This great challenge was performed on November 19 and 20, 2018. Note that this important event was organized by the General Department of Policy of Ministry of Economy and Finance for a national seminar. On this occasion, it was hold at Royal Angkor Resort in Siem Reap province. As the topic "Addressing NTMs and NTR for Greater ASEAN Economic Integration" was quite technical, we do thank our interpreter for delivering a high-quality work.

Elite Translation Discover a sample of our work and special offers Ministry of Economy and Finance Simultaneous Interpretation service


HEIFER International Cambodia
Simultaneous interpretation

Elite Translation was very pleased to provide field trip interpreting service to HEIFER International Cambodia. That time, it was for 2 very nice days on November 08 and 09, 2018.

As a reminder, we provide high-level interpretations. So far, that can be per hour or per day. Also, based on your needs and thanks to our flexibility. To find out more, please refer to the page Our Services.

Elite Translation Discover a sample of our work and special offers HEIFER International Cambodia Simultaneous Interpretation service


Khting Primary School - Charity
Consecutive interpretation

What a joyful day it was! And this, as we donated study materials. Indeed, we went to Khting Primary School in Angkor Thom district. Generous donators: Speak Like Khmer, SRPS-Siem Reap Property Services, The Republic, Adore Cambodia and individuals. Of course, Elite Translation's team members, too.

In short, how wonderful it was! Indeed, seeing smiles on the children's faces made us so happy. In the hope to participate in other social actions again.

Elite Translation Discover a sample of our work and special offers Khting Primary School Consecutive Interpretation service


Provincial Teacher Training College of Siem Reap
Simultaneous interpretation

Now, for a workshop hold on August 27 and 28, 2018. On this occasion, the topic was "Teacher Mentoring". Well, in a different context, it was organized at Siemreap Provincial Teacher Training College.

Accordingly, attendees included primary school teachers and members from SeeBeyondBorders, MoEYS Cambodia, UNESCO Cambodia and VVOB Cambodia.

Elite Translation Discover a sample of our work and special offers Provincial Teacher Training College of Siem Reap Simultaneous Interpretation service