1. Scent of beef and seafood cooking, especially Salmon!
2. Self-service buffets in which green salad alternatives are garnished with beef, usually pepperoni or pieces of ham.
3. delivered buffets where servers uses alike items to dish right up animal meat and vegetarian choices.

4. Restaurants that do not provide a veggie choice.
5. The cooking of poultry in supermarkets.
6. Auto boot product sales…. the terrible stench from the burger vans.
7. Restaurants in which all tables come into complete view and smelling distance with the Jordan Carver nakedy.
8. Airlines that constantly forget about that you have pre-ordered a veggie dinner.
9. Cookery programs on TV…. Let us have actually a veggie cookery program for a change.
10. General not enough comprehension for my personal choice is vegetarian.

These are typically the my personal dislikes, any time you or your own veggie times wish to add to this list please do this by making a reply.

My Personal Top Vegan Dislikes