In case it is hard for you to cut and the knife is driven deeper into the wood, that direction is across the grain. When it is easy to cut and the wood tends to splinter, you are cutting along the grain. Your project should be placed in the direction along the grain. You can start carving with a pocket knife but it’s not recommended though. If you’re tight on budget, better find some good quality and affordable tools.

The products below are recommended to help you find the best whittling knife to enjoy your hobby. Price is always a consideration, but as with any product, expensive doesn’t always mean best. When it comes to whittling knives and other tools, there are well-known and respected manufacturers that produce a range of knives for novices to experts. While any type of wood can be used for whittling, there are woods which are easier to work with and whittle better than others. Soft woods with a small grain, such as basswood, are easier to whittle and are relatively inexpensive. You will want to take note that this blade is prone to rusting if it’s not taken care of properly.

From tip of the blade to the end of the handle, Lee Ferguson wood carving knives are quality knives for an amazing price! The nice and thin blade allow you to make super precise cuts and the smooth rosewood handles are very comfortable to hold for hours on end. They come right to you with a professionally honed, razor sharp, blade and just hold their edge for a long time. Those who prefer casual whittling with a pocket-sized knife might look to the Opinel Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife. It is an ideal size for carrying in a pocket, at just 4.31 inches long with the blade closed.

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This model has a hardwood oak handle that is treated with natural linseed oil. The handle is not only comfortable to hold, but it will also not stain your skin. Additionally, the fine tip on this knife is great for precision carving. This whittling knife is made in Sweden and is great for beginners all the way to advanced skills. You will find that this knife doesn’t dull quickly, maintains its razor-sharp edge, and is rust-resistant. If you are a wood whittler or woodcarver, you know how important a good knife is to your craft.

Beavercraft Chip Wood Carving Whittling Knife

Add to that a v-scorp blade, gouge scorp blade and chisel blade, and you have all your whittling needs covered. It features six different blades, all of which are made from high carbon steel. If the idea of many blades in one appeals, this pocket knife from Old Timer might be the one for you. But we’ve heard of one or two cases where the finish hasn’t been as smooth as it should have been. A quick sand will sort out the problem, but you shouldn’t really have to do that with a new knife.

There’s no other brand on the market that offers a tremendous whittling knife bargain like Flexcut, so be sure to take advantage by getting these multi tools for yourself. Above all blade is made of high-quality carbon steel and is curved downwards specifically to fulfil the knife’s purpose. The ash wood handle will fit comfortably in the carver’s palm of a hand. Murphy, a name that is known for manufacturing some of the best wood carving knives in the industry. This whittling knife is one of the best carving knives you can find for your chip carving projects. The knife’s 16 gauge (1.7 mm) blade is made with high-carbon tool steel, therefore, it is designed to last even after regular sharpening.

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Plus, the resistance the wood gives when you cut against the grain makes whittling much more difficult. By far, my favorite folding whittling knife on the market is the Flexcut Whittlin’ Jack. This is the knife that sits right next to my multitool on my belt and goes with me everywhere I go.

What Are The Best Wood Carving Tools?

And so recently I decided to explore my boyhood pastime in greater depth. Today I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you about how to get started with whittling. If you do get the #62 Pocket Carver, I do recommended grinding back the bevel on the cutting edge for a smaller edge angel.

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