KONG Pheaktra very early developed a strong taste for the English language. He then specialized extensively in English, accumulating certifications and experiences. Living in a country where the national growth is among the best of the world for years, and in a city booming, driven by the tourism industry mainly and where many companies, investors and foreigners come to settle, Pheaktra rapidly understood the interest to provide language services to both locals and foreigners. That led him to link his passion for the English language to his desire for entrepreneurship to meet a growing need that no company was able to respond at that time. This is how ELITE TRANSLATION was established. Owing to an increasing number of translation projects, Pheaktra soon formed a dynamic team of experienced, competent translators and interpreters.

In March 2018, Antoine MANTOVANI joined Pheaktra, with the desire to combine their skills and bring ELITE TRANSLATION a new dynamic. Antoine acts as a source of ideas in terms of marketing, communication and business strategies. Registering the company at the Ministry of Commerce, opening our services to foreign markets, getting our own website and a location have been some important events. Antoine also performs some translation projects covered by his language skills.



To be the leading and most trusted language service provider in Southeast Asia.


Our dynamic language team will exceed our clients’ expectations. We provide the highest quality service by making sure optimal communication, deadlines meeting, accuracy and confidentiality of all oral and written information provided by the client.



Our standards of excellence distinguish us from other providers. We focus on the required purpose of the request. We believe this builds trust our clients place in us.


We welcome timelines and accuracy with which we handle assignments entrusted by our clients. A guarantee of insurance for certain urgent projects.


We do what we say. We deliver required services according to our promises. Thus, the service rendered meets or even goes beyond our clients' expectations.


We are very open and honest in making sure that the work is owned by our clients. This helps us to build a trusting, transparent relationship with our clients.


Maintening an excellente cooperation, collaboration and partnership with our clients are fundamental to our service.



Director/Senior Linguist


Pheaktra is a certified TEFL graduate with IELTS 7.0 and has over 8 years’ experience in teaching English as a foreign language and 6 years’ experience in translating. In 2013, he started as a freelance translator, accepting translation projects from different organizations, companies and individuals, because it was tedious to find reliable translation services in Siem Reap at that time.

He also created ELITE TRANSLATION Facebook page to reach more clients and grow its popularity. Owing to an increasing number of translation projects, he soon formed a dynamic team of experienced, competent translators and interpreters.

He is now the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ELITE TRANSLATION. In addition to these senior roles, he also performs proofreading and editing work with the Quality Check Team to ensure perfect accuracy and consistency of all the translations. Also, he was an EFL teacher at Australian Centre for Education (ACE) for 3 years.


Co-owner/Marketing & Communications Manager


Antoine accumulates more than 10 years experience in high luxury hotel industry in Paris, with the getting of a Bachelors’ Degree in International Conciergerie and a MBA in International Hospitality and Luxury Brand Management.

After a managing experience in a 3-4-star boutique hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia, his thirst for independence and travel led him to change life again by cycling on Cambodia’s roads,, developing an activity of blogger and trying to diversify his activities. While planning only a stopover in Siem Reap, he has finally stayed by associating with Pheaktra after a chance meeting.

He is now dedicating his time to the company development, helping and assisting Pheaktra in various tasks, especially in the international market by being in contact with our foreign language experts and clients, also with our suppliers, and by designing various marketing physical and online supports for the ELITE TRANSLATION, with obviously the final agreement of Pheaktra, like our current logo and website you are enjoying.


Unlike many of our competitors, we never outsource our services. We do prefer working with our own staff because we believe this is the best option to provide the best service. For the same reason, we have made the choice to not use translation softwares like SDL Trados.

Our linguists are all native speakers of the language required. All have been carefully selected for their high linguistic skills. Most of them have relevant experience related to the services we offer. For the others, they are language teachers for many years or even managers of prestigious language institutes.
We now hope to have the opportunity to recruit new language experts thanks to you.