Learn more about ELITE TRANSLATION. KONG Pheaktra very early developed a strong taste for the English language. This is why he specialized extensively in English with certifications and experiences. Furthermore, he has been living in a country where the national growth is among the best of the world for years. Without forgetting that Siem Reap is a city booming, driven by the tourism industry mainly and where many companies, investors and foreigners come to settle. Consequently, Pheaktra rapidly understood the interest to provide language services to both locals and foreigners. That led him to link his passion for the English language to his desire for entrepreneurship. This, to meet a growing need that no company was able to satisfy at that time.

This is how Siemreap Translation Services, now ELITE TRANSLATION, was established. Owing to an increasing number of translation projects, he soon formed a dynamic team of experienced and competent translators and interpreters.

In March 2018, Antoine MANTOVANI joined Pheaktra. Thus, they together had the desire to combine their respective skills to bring ELITE TRANSLATION a new dynamic. Antoine acts as a help in terms of marketing, communication and business strategies. Thus, registering the company at the Ministry of Commerce, opening our services to foreign markets, getting our own website and an office have been some important events. In addition to that, Antoine performs some translation projects covered by his language skills.



To be the leading and most trusted language service provider in Southeast Asia.


Our dynamic language team will exceed our clients’ expectations. For that, we provide the highest quality service. Under this circumstance, we ensure optimal communication, deadlines meeting, accuracy and confidentiality. This, for all oral and written information provided by the client.



Our standards of excellence and reliability distinguish us from other providers.

We focus on the required purpose of the requested service and go beyond our client's expectations as far as possible.


Timelines and accuracy, with which we handle assignments, is a guarantee of insurance for our clients. They acknowledge us for our efficiency and professionalism regardless of the importance and urgency of any projects.


We do what we say. Delivered services are in keeping with our promises.

Our openess, righteousness and honesty allow to build a trusting and transparent relationship with our clients.


The work is owned by our clients.

Our linguists are under contract to respect any confidential, private and professional information, as well as any oral or written information relating to each of our clients.


Maintaining an excellent cooperation, communication and partnership with our clients is fundamental to our service.

Also, in the first place, for the assurance of an optimal work delivered.

Director/Senior Linguist


Let us introduce Pheaktra who is a certified TEFL graduate with IELTS 7.0. He has got over 10 years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language and 8 years of experience in translating. Also, he was an EFL teacher at Australian Centre for Education (ACE) for 3 years and has provided separated English courses. At the same time, he started in 2013 as a freelance translator. Thereby, he managed translation projects from various organizations, companies and individuals. Indeed, it was tedious to find reliable translation services in Siem Reap at this time.

As his new activity runned well, he then decided to make it official and professional. That is why he founded ELITE TRANSLATION and created its Facebook page. In effect, he has reached more clients and gained in reputation. Thus, owing to an increasing charge of work, he soon formed a dynamic team of skilled translators and interpreters.

As said here above, Pheaktra is the CEO of ELITE TRANSLATION. Not only he supervise operation of the company with the staff, he also manages the accounting and is still in contact with clients. In addition to his senior roles, he still performs proofreading and editing with the Quality Check Team. This, to ensure perfect accuracy and consistency of all translations. Plus, he has got knowledge in HR and marketing by working for another company, too.



Antoine gets more than 10 years of experience in high luxury hotel industry in Paris. In addition to his job, he first got a Bachelors’ Degree in International Conciergerie. Then, a MBA in International Hospitality and Luxury Brand Management.

Right after his studies, Antoine came to Cambodia. This, as he got a job opportunity as General Manager a 3-star boutique hotel in Siem Reap. However, his thirst for independence and travel led him to change life again and so, decided to cycle on Cambodia’s roads. At the same time, he was developing a blogger activity. Nevertheless, on a stopover in Siem Reap, he has finally stayed there by associating with Pheaktra after a chance meeting.

Henceforth, he has dedicated his time to the company development. For that, he has helped Pheaktra in various tasks. He has mainly been more in charge of the international market. This, by being in contact with our foreign clients and language experts. Furthermore, he meets some suppliers. Also, designs various marketing physical and online supports for the company. Thereby, he allows our team members to save time and is complementary to them. But his work is obviously implemented with the final agreement of Pheaktra. That was the case for our logo and website for example. After allowing the company a fast grow, he now involves less. This, to focus on other projects and diversify his activities.

Office Manager/Linguist


Kunthea successively got High School grades. He then progressively specialized in the language field. On other words, his professional orientation follows a real passion to the point to now make it a real vocation. That is how he was led to successfully complete IEAP (Intensive English for Academic Purpose). This, with top credits at the Pannasastra University of Cambodia. Immediately after that, he worked at Tree House International School. There, he was both teacher trainer and marketing and communication officer. Not to mention several years of experience in teaching for NGOs. Kunthea proves his English skills day after day. In addition to that, he got a very high level in Korean and is assiduously learning Mandarin for which he already reached an advanced intermediate level.

Furthermore, beyond his technical skills, Kunthea shows strong personal skills in communications, guest relations, self-control, assiduity and company’s dedication. Also, he is a hard worker, able to conduct multiple tasks with effectiveness and efficiency. This, in all circumstances and with high flexibility. Plus, he is always ready to help and take up challenges. Owing to an overcharge of work, due to the company’s growth, Elite Translation was looking for a skilled employee. Thus, the company is pride for hiring him as Translator/Interpreter. As a mark of our high satisfaction, we upgraded him as Office Manager.

In sum, Kunthea is a great representative of the company.

Assistant Manager/Linguist


Meet our youngest and last member who has joined us. Mee Ner first enrolled in Bachelor's Degree in TEFL. Then, he completed 3-year studies before finally dropped out due to financial issues. However, his love for the English language has led him to give himself the means to complete and achieve his studies. That is why he currently combines this part-time job with another full-time job. This proves he is a hard-working and courageous person. To that, we can add that he is a well talented linguist. By working with Elite Translation, he hopes to become a professional translator in English and Khmer. Conversely, we hope that his part-time experience with us will be achieved successfully to then employ him as a real additional asset of Elite Translation.

Thank you Mee Ner for testimonying about your experience:

"It is such a great opportunity given to me by Elite Translation. Today, I am sitting and doing what I have always loved to do. Above all, being one among many experienced linguists is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Especially as every single day is a day of learning and improvement. And setting strict deadlines make my daily tasks a lot easier. As a result, I have gained tremendous experience and knowledge from the company. Most importantly, I feel that I am working and progressing towards my desired future. This, thanks to great support and inspiration from my Line Manager and my Director, Kunthea and Pheaktra."


Unlike many of our competitors, we never outsource our services. We do prefer working with our own staff as we believe this is the best option to provide the best service. For the same reason, we have therefore made the choice to not use translation softwares like SDL Trados.

Please note that our linguists are native speakers of the language required. We carefully choose them for their high linguistic skills. Indeed, most of them have relevant experiences related to our services. And for the others, either they are language teachers for years or managers of prestigious language institutes.

So, we hope to have the opportunity to recruit new linguists thanks to you. As well as covering always more languages.