Over the years, more and more of you have trusted us. In short, you are the major part of our success. Thus, being your most trusted language service partner is what we owe you in return. Above all, we place the same importance to all clients. In this way, you are assured of the quality of our services. Also, your request can be for both a personal use or the benefit of your company. In order to learn more about what we offer, just visit the page our services in a simple link.

Of course, there is no secret. Indeed, our work and rigor have allowed us to settle at the top. That is how we have become the leading language partner in the country. To reach the top is great indeed. But to maintain our rank will be better. Because we want your satisfaction, we then give our best.

To go beyond

Thereby, some of you have become members. On one hand, some have been very happy with us for a while. On another hand, new clients are more satisfied with our services compared to other agencies used before. Also, please keep in mind that the fact to be based in Cambodia is not a barrier. Indeed, most of our services can be performed by distance. And this, at the best value for money. This is why always more foreign companies, based overseas, contact us. In addition, our clients benefit from a tailor-made service. Thus, they finally prefer to use a private company like ours. Not to mention that some huge online platforms are more risky. Indeed, linguists' skills are sometimes clearly lacking.

Hence, we want to thank you for trusting us. Also, be sure that we will always do our best to meet your expectations. This, always in light of our motto "Every Word Does Matter". With this purpose in mind, contact us to try our services. Then, our team will be pleased to help you. Finally, you could enjoy a special rate on all translations. And do not miss the current special Covid one.

Privilege card

Following their satisfaction, some of our clients have decided to subscribe to be a member. Thanks to our loyalty card, they now enjoy a special rate. Also, you too can access our offer. This, to all translation needs. In order to enjoy it, be one of them. For that, just fill the form on our Contact page. Make a first order. Then, enjoy our special rate for all next ones.

Covid special offer

To face to budget issues due to the pandemia, a special discount has been offered for months to everyone. Indeed, we aim to help you to rebuilt or refresh your business. In these difficult times, we know the point to stick together. After all, the smallest acts make the biggest differences, don't you think?

As can been seen, we reach various clients. However, the ones mentioned in this page are only a part among a lot of clients. Not to mention individuals, too. In brief, all of you may find interest in our services. Also, your logo might be added to this page for an additional visibity.
Government Institutions
As they have a lot of official and important purposes. This, for all official papers and thanks to our registration at the Ministry of Commerce. Please note that we can assist you for your needs with ambassies given that our work is accepted by all of them. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us. We are your most trusted language service partner. Again, we are at your disposal to help you.


Local and International Companies
As they need assistance to support their business. At first, for any types of documents. Through us, they can then go ahead with official or standard papers. Then, to provide conferences or meetings on a more or less formal way. Either it is for a website, a policy, a menu or a contract, our services do not have any limit. This, regardless of the field since we cover all kinds of topic. And above all, because talking in your clients' native language is the easiest way to reach them. In sum, thanks to our services, you reach more clients and partners.


NGOs & Non-Profit Fondations
As they represent a large part of our clients. Indeed, Cambodia counts the highest number of NGOs in the world. Most of the time, they are managed by foreigners. So, they often need our services. This, both for Khmer or another foreign language in order to reach more partners or people. They are then led to contact us and it is always such a pleasure for us to help. This is the case for both translation and interpretation. Knowing that our best rate is reserved to NGOs, but only for translations. Through that, we contribute to social causes on our way. If you are a NGO, we will be glad to help you. And to be your most trusted language service partner.

Finally, in their own way, others also contribute to our success. Indeed, they have agreed to display our flyer at their office. While some of them are already clients, others may become clients. Here is a great example of the united force in Cambodia and this is how the country goes ahead. Indeed, mutual assistance between companies is always welcome. This, especially in difficult times. For instance with the economic collapse due to the Covid-19. Of course, we regret that some of them had no choice than to close. But we do hope better days to everyone. Then, let us go on and make 2021 a new day.