Your most trusted language service partner. This is how we now position ourselves. Overall, this is thanks to you. Indeed, we place the same importance to all clients. In this way, you are ensured about the quality of the service rendered. Also, your request can be for both your personal use or the benefit of a company. That is why we are the most reliable language service provider in the country.

Thereby, some of you have become member. On one hand, you already shared your satisfaction with us. On another hand, others are more satisfied with our services offered compared to providers used before. In addition, the fact to be based in Cambodia is not a barrier. Indeed, we can satisfy your requests at a very competitive cost. This, given that our services can be performed by distance. This is why always more foreign companies finally prefer to use a private company like ours as they benefit from a tailor-made service. On the contrary, using some huge online platforms is riskier as linguists' skills are sometimes clearly lacking.

Hence, we want to thank you for trusting us. Thus, we will always do our best to meet your expectations. In light of our motto which is Every Word Does Matter. With this purpose in mind, contact us to try our services. Then, our team will be pleased to help you. Finally, you could enjoy a special discount on all translations.

Following their satisfaction, some of our clients have decided to be a member. They are now enjoing a special rate. Also, you too have this possibility. This, to all translation needs. In order to benefit from it, be one of them. For that, find the brief details on our page Contact Us and start by trying our service.

As can been seen, we reach various clients. However, these are just a part among a lot of clients. Not to mention individuals, too. In brief, all of you may be interested in our services. Also, as a company, we might add your logo to this page for an additional visibity.
Government Institutions
As they have lots of official purposes. This, for all official papers and thanks to our registration at the Minitry of Commerce. Please note that we can assist you for your needs with ambassies given that our work is accepted by all of them. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us. Again, we are at your disposal to help you.


Local and International Companies
As they need assistance to support their business. At first, for efficient marketing plans. Then, to provide conferences or meetings. But above all, because talking in your clients' native language is the easiest way to reach them. In sum, to reach more clients and partners.


NGOs & Non-Profit Fondations
As they count for a large part of them. Indeed, they are a lot to request our services, which is always such a pleasure given to them. This, for both translation and interpretation. Knowing that we provide a high discount to NGOs. But only to translations. By that, we contribute to social causes on our way.

Finally, in their own way, other businesses also participate in our success. Indeed, they have agreed to display our flyer at their office. While some of them are already clients, others may become clients. Here is the perfect example of the united force in Cambodia. Indeed, mutual assistance between companies is always welcome. This, especially in difficult times, for instance with the economic collapse due to Covid 19.