Whether you can see visit every morning for your level white or can not withstand dealing with yourself to a posh cheese and pickle, you are probably already in an in depth relationship with Pret. But what regarding their staff? We questioned all of our pals at Pret A Manger to share with you 15 main reasons you should think of dating certainly one of their unique downline

1. They understand making the perfect latte

Say so long your instantaneous coffee-and hey to Pret’s natural latte. It really is Pret’s hottest latina pornstars escort coffee worldwide, and that means you know the go out shall be specialized barista.

2. They get a 50% rebate on food

Your favorite sandwich for half the price?! state you can forget.

3. They like to smile

Pret team members are fabled for their particular smiles – also at 8am on a Tuesday. You’ll be able to depend on these to raise your mood when you’re feeling down.

4. They understand to create others smile

If you’ve been lucky enough in order to get something free of Pret, you’ll know they truly are motivated to distribute only a little joy by offering a hot drink or treat throughout the household. It really is all about random functions of kindness.

5. They’re going to usually remind that get a recyclable glass (and save yourself 50p!)

Environmentally mindful? Pret doubled their own discount for consumers whom pull in a reusable glass at the start of this present year. If they save you the planet while saving money, certainly meaning they are a keeper?

6. They may be extremely tidy

Anyone who is worked in a coffee shop knows how important it really is to help keep everything clean and clean – an attribute that everyone would like in someone!

7. They’ll continually be updated on the most recent food and drink trends

Get prepared to wow your buddies with your in-depth understanding of turmeric lattes, activated charcoal, and milk products options.

8. They’re hard working

Whether it’s an early on or later part of the change, they may be usually working hard. They truly are also heading spots; Pret downline progress easily because of the company’s excellent training courses at Pret Academy.

9. They are going to encourage you

And will start the vision to the benefits of assisting others – Pret donates any unsold food to local homeless causes after every single day.

10. They get a weekly bonus

So, you are in for a couple of extra snacks!

11. They’ve got outstanding memory

Most Pret baristas can keep in mind around 14 different requests simultaneously, so you’re able to sleep simple knowing they will keep in mind your entire family’s brands.

12. They’re able to talk to anyone

Making individuals feel relaxed and understanding how to have a chat to almost everyone else arrives naturally to a Pret team member, and that means you’ll never need to be concerned with leaving all of them in an area full of everyone.

13. They are staff players

Relationships involve teamwork, therefore it is important to know you can rely on your spouse. Pret’s key component is their individuals and teamwork is actually an essential part of its success.

14. They are aware ideas on how to multi-task

…which is actually an admirable skill in anybody!

15. They work really under pressure

They are capable of a waiting line of clients and 14 different coffee instructions without busting a-sweat.

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